Gary Petersen Creates Installation for Philadelphia Gallery

zip line tow rope featured at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

“Gary Petersen is first and foremost a painter, but it seems that he’s got a knack for installation too, as evidenced by his solo show, “zip line tow rope,” at Tiger Strikes Asteroid. The New York-based artist has wound up in Philly for the exhibit curated by Alexis Granwell, which includes his largest site-specific mural work to date – one that emerges from geometry and pop art and lands squarely in a spatial world of incandescent lighting and voracious art observers.” Read the full article in Knight Arts here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.56.13 AM

“Gary Petersen has painted two of that gallery’s walls with an exhilarating composition of variously colored rectangles and parallelograms on a soft, butter-yellow background that gives the entire gallery a golden hue.” Read the full article in Philly.Com here.

Wish You Well

Gary Petersen // Wish You Well // 2009 // 20 x 16 inches // Acrylic on panel

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Osamu Kobayashi featured in Columbia Museum of Art

Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Osamu Kobayashi has been honored with a purchase by the Columbia Museum of Art, South Carolina, and featured in the Museum’s 100th issue of Collections magazine (excerpt below).

“Osamu Kobayashi earned his BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Kobayashi has already accomplished much for a young artist, including solo exhibitions in both New York and Italy. Each year the Academy nominates and selects talented candidates for the purchase program, and Frozen Ghosts, Black Hole was one of only 17 works selected for purchase in 2013. It is an honor to be selected by the American Academy of Arts and Letters for participation in their program, and signals that they respect the quality of our institution.


Osamu Kobayashi, American, born 1984. Frozen Ghost, Black Hole, 2010, oil on canvas. Gift of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York; Hassam, Speicher, Betts and Symons Funds, 2013, to the CMA in 2014.

The renowned artists who formed the 2013 award selection committee are Alex Katz, Catherine Murphy, Thomas Nozkowski, Judy Pfaff, Dorothea Rockburne, Peter Saul, and Joel Shapiro. In short, a highly qualified committee of artists have vetted Kobayashi and awarded Frozen Ghosts with a purchase.

Following their expertise, the CMA curators believe this painting is an excellent addition to our contemporary collection, and it has the added benefit of having been painted by a Columbia native, which may serve to inspire and encourage local artists.”

-Collections, Columbia Museum of Art
Summer 2014, Issue 100

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Barbara DeGenevieve //

“It is better to be looked over than overlooked.”
― Mae West

Barbara DeGenevieve // image © Barbara DeGenevieve // via

Barbara DeGenevieve passed away on August 9, 2014. As New City Art wrote of Barbara, “She took risks that many of her peers would have been afraid to take.” 

Barbara was a professor, an artist, an explorer, a friend. 

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Welcome New Gallery Artist // Osamu Kobayashi

Osamu Kobayashi // Neapolitan // 2014 // 66 x 60 inches // Oil on canvas

Osamu Kobayashi // Neapolitan // 2014 // 66 x 60 inches // Oil on canvas

“The process of painting is a power struggle. I take my paintings one way; they want to go somewhere else. And when they go somewhere else, I drag them in another direction. In the end, the paintings usually win. My work is reductive in form, often compositionally centered, and employs a spontaneous and intuitive array of colors, shapes, and textures. Using these elements I create visual dualities: chance vs. control, organic vs. geometric, warm vs. cool, large vs. small, etc. Like a good story, the elements that comprise each work push and pull off of each other, creating a unified structure that stays contained—but never becomes subdued—within its own parameters. The aim is to create work with a sensation similar to that of a clear thought: the idea has its bases covered; there’s no room for argument. In reality, however, these paintings can never be clear thoughts; they are much more open than that. They are more of a confrontation: between what I desire to know and what I can never know entirely.”

Osamu Kobayashi // Bloom // 2013 // 21.5 x 19 inches // Oil on canvas

Osamu Kobayashi // Bloom // 2013 // 21.5 x 19 inches // Oil on canvas

Osamu Kobayashi // After Hours Oil // 2013 // 22 x 20 inches // Oil on canvas

Osamu Kobayashi // After Hours Oil // 2013 // 22 x 20 inches // Oil on canvas

Osamu Kobayashi was born in Columbia, SC in 1984. He has exhibited widely in the US and abroad including solo exhibitions at the Greenwich House in New York, AplusB Contemporary Art in Italy, and John Davis Gallery in New York. He was recently awarded the Hassam, Speicher, Betts, and Symons Purchase Fund from the American Academy of Arts and Letters and is a recipient of the Morris Louis ’ 32 scholarship. Osamu currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Welcome to the Gallery, Osamu!

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Muir Vidler // New Website Online

Malé, The Maldives // 2010 // 20 x 24 inches // C-Print

Malé, The Maldives // 2010 // 20 x 24 inches // C-Print

Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Muir Vidler triumphantly announces the launch of his new photography website: “There’s lots of new work, and it’s ready for scrutiny. It’s all there: a circumcision party in the Maldives, a wild boar butchering party in Sardinia, a meeting with Colonel Gaddafi, a trip to the Colombian rain forest with Shakira, and a dashing photo of me on the info page- everything you could want.”

Mick and Peggy Warner

Mick and Peggy Warner

See it for yourself at //
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New James Kennedy Work // Ostinato


We are pleased to share a brand new James Kennedy work, Ostinato. This is a grand scale piece, composed of 4 panels each measuring 48 x 60 inches, with an overall total  artwork measurement at 96 x 120 inches.  Acrylic polymer on carved and incised masonite.

James Kennedy will be featured along with Gallery artists Dominique LabauvieJulian LorberMarc Lambrechts, Osamu Kobayashi, and Sung-Jae Choi at the upcoming Art Southampton Fair July 24-28, 2014, in Mindy Solomon Gallery’s booth number AS2. Read more details about Art Southampton here.

Material Collaborations Exhibition // Opening Friday August 1st

Either an ordered Universe or a medley heaped together mechanically but still an order; or can order subsist in you and disorder in the Whole! And that, too, when all things are so distinguished and yet intermingled and sympathetic. —Marcus Antoninus Aurelius, A. S. L. Farquharson (ed.), The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Antoninus Aurelius (1944), Vol. I, Book IV, 63

Mindy Solomon Gallery presents ‘Material Collaborations: David Hicks & Alejandro Contreras,’ August 1st-September 12th at the gallery. The two artists featured in the exhibition have a profound interest in exploring and exploiting two and three dimensional surfaces. An Opening Reception with the artists will be held on Friday, August 1st, from 6-9pm.

Fire Singuisher Paint Peeling Off the Wall 2014 mixed media on canvas 144 x 95

Alejandro Contreras // Fire Stinguisher Paint Peeling off the Wall // 2014 // 144 x 95 inches // mixed media on canvas


David Hicks // Still Life (Pod and Flora I) // 2014 //23 x 18 x 12 inches Ceramic and steel

Alejandro Contreras // Fire Stinguisher // 2013 // 104 x 86 inches // Paint with pigmented resin mixed media on canvas

Alejandro Contreras //
Fire Stinguisher // 2013 // 104 x 86 inches // Paint with pigmented resin mixed media on canvas

Alejandro Contreras is an artistic innovator, exploring the myriad opportunities that are afforded through the digital world. Most recently, he has been experimenting with the interconnection between photographic imagery and interpretive drawing. The drawings appear to be a multi-colored linear abstractions, when in fact they are a derivation of carefully considered representative images that are then transmitted through a computer using a seismic-like graphing technique. Contreras also works with polymer resin. He utilizes resin in a multitude of applications. In some of his two-dimensional works, he applies resin like paint. He builds surfaces with mixed media, such as powdered pigments, vinyl sheeting, aluminum, and other found materials. The resin becomes a connective tissue of sorts—binding layers and textures to a unified whole.

Fire Stinguisher paint with pigmented resin mix media on canvas 104 x 86

Alejandro Contreras // Fire Stinguisher // 2013 // 104 x 86 inches Paint with pigmented resin mixed media on canvas

In his own words, the artist says of his work, “My art consists of abstract compositions that stem out of images of patterns mostly found in nature. Photographs are processed into mechanical drawings that are then transformed through the use of vinyl, paint, glue, resin, wood, found materials, and even recycled artwork. The process begins with digital photographs that are turned into outline drawings. Adapted plotter machines and advanced computer software are used to transfer these patterns onto flat surfaces. The outcome varies depending on the vinyl shapes and ink marks. Different effects can be achieved by varying the order of colors, thickness, and pressures. In some cases, sections of the drawing are layered with the use of epoxy resins. This process creates the illusion of depth and allows experimentation. It is also the turning point where two-dimensional pieces turn into three-dimensional works.” Contreras explains that his method allows for constant experimentation, in which multiple effects can be achieved by adjusting the variables. His generative form of artmaking was set in motion by curiosity, but, “has stimulated a newfound appreciation for serendipity.”

David Hicks // Still Life (Junction) // 2014 // 20 x 20 x 11 inches // Ceramic and steel

David Hicks // Still Life (Junction) // 2014 // 20 x 20 x 11 inches // Ceramic and steel

David Hicks utilizes texture, color, and form to create his ceramic sculptures. He cites the interaction of touch and material as a conversation being carried out in the studio—attempting to recreate his surroundings through a language of material and hand. Rooted in an attraction to agriculture, the shapes and themes Hicks references can be found in the fields surrounding his home: they may be seen “hanging from trees, buried in the dirt, or rusting in the shed” before finding their way into his works. These organic and sometimes mechanical forms speak to human experience, as in the agricultural world there are cycles and struggles that start with fertilization, move through growth, and finally end in decay. The rawness in the formal nature of organic elements has the ability to speak a universal language, which Hicks engages in his sculpture—a language of origin, form, and beauty. Read more about Material Collaborations // August 1st-September 12th  // Opening Reception Friday, August 1st, from 6-9pm //