Gary Petersen Creates Installation for Philadelphia Gallery

zip line tow rope featured at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

“Gary Petersen is first and foremost a painter, but it seems that he’s got a knack for installation too, as evidenced by his solo show, “zip line tow rope,” at Tiger Strikes Asteroid. The New York-based artist has wound up in Philly for the exhibit curated by Alexis Granwell, which includes his largest site-specific mural work to date – one that emerges from geometry and pop art and lands squarely in a spatial world of incandescent lighting and voracious art observers.” Read the full article in Knight Arts here.

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“Gary Petersen has painted two of that gallery’s walls with an exhilarating composition of variously colored rectangles and parallelograms on a soft, butter-yellow background that gives the entire gallery a golden hue.” Read the full article in Philly.Com here.

Wish You Well

Gary Petersen // Wish You Well // 2009 // 20 x 16 inches // Acrylic on panel

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Christopher Winter // Interviews + Reviews

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Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Christopher Winter was recently interviewed with Anna Erickson, his co-curator in the KIK exhibition and Director of Sales at Houser & Wirth NYC, by the Berlin Independent Guide Bpigs. The interview discusses KIK 2, which opened in Berlin earlier this month, as well as the future of the Berlin art scene:

The vision for the show was straightforward – display an eclectic collection of work comprised from pieces by artists living and working in Berlin. Curatorially speaking, Anna took a relatively hands off approach to her show, inviting artists to participate, but giving them full reign over the pieces they submitted. This allowed for the narrative of the show to be a genuine one, truly about the artists and their work, uninterrupted by a third party mediator.

Winter is also in a group show this month, “Aftershock: The Impact of Radical Art” at Edelman Arts, displaying his “Kinder Kid” paintings from the 1990s.

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James Kennedy Named Among Top ‘100 Super Hot Artists’ //

Online contemporary art magazine ArtBookGuy named Mindy Solomon Gallery artist James Kennedy one of his 100 Super Hot Artists. According to ArtBookGuy, a Super Hot Artist is one who possesses not only “insight, innovation and sheer giftedness, but professionalism, depth of humanity and generosity of spirit round out the picture.” Congrats, James!

“In my studio, it is me and only me with my hands and thoughts; no outer force or opinion is steering what ends up on the canvas.  It is a pure, uninterrupted manifestation of the self.”

- James Kennedy

James Kennedy // Hydrographic // 65 x 75 inches // Acrylic polymer on incised eucalyptus masonite

James Kennedy // Hydrographic // 65 x 75 inches // Acrylic polymer on incised eucalyptus masonite

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Burnaway’s Best of 2013 Exhibitions in Dixie // Featuring ‘Post Coital’ at Mindy Solomon Gallery

BURNAWAY asked a host of art experts in Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, New Orleans, and Tampa to reflect back on the previous year’s exhibitions and comment on their favorites.  Megan Voeller, columnist for Creative Loafing, Tampa, selected ‘Post Coital’ at Mindy Solomon Gallery among her picks:

Before her move to Miami, Mindy Solomon offered up one last sexuality-themed show, a staple of her gallery’s agenda. Post Coital featured works by seven artists, including Becky Flanders’s tea-stained drawings of silphium, a now-extinct plant alleged to have been ingested as birth control in antiquity, Christina West’s ivory ceramic figures in compromising positions, and Georgine Ingold’s oil paintings of quiet interiors ripe with the energy of recent couplings.


Marta Soul // Idillo en apartamento II // Courtesy Kopeikin Gallery

Marta Soul // Idillo en apartamento II // Courtesy Kopeikin Gallery

Voeller also named Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Dominique Labauvie‘s exhibition ‘Wire. Paper. Steel.’ at Gallery 221, Hillsborough Community College, as a top choice for Tampa.

The Airship // Interview with Scot Sothern

The work and insights of Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Scot Sothern appear in an interview with The Airship, by Paul Kwiatskowski.  “Ride down the dangerous and kinky drags of Scot Sothern’s Curb Service,” his new memoir:

Photographer Scot Sothern’s debut memoir Curb Service captures the pathos of an aspiring provocateur adrift in contemporary America. Beginning in the 1980s, the book recounts Scot’s initial drive to photograph prostitutes and his path to single fatherhood on the skids. The interactions between the photographer and his subjects are the device through which solace and introspection flow. Along the road, there are intermittent flashbacks to Scot’s adolescence in rural Missouri during the late ‘60s and ‘70s.

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Dominique Labauvie named ‘Best of the Bay’

Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Dominique Labauvie‘s September exhibition ‘Wire. Paper. Steel.’ at Gallery 221/HCC Dale Mabry Campus received the critics’ choice award from Creative Loafing Tampa for Best SRO Art Event. Congratulations!


Artist Dominique Labauvie (center), with daughter Esther (l) and wife Erika Schneider (r), receives the ‘Best of the Bay’ Award

We’d also like to share a wonderful exchange between Dominique and artist, writer, and University of Tampa associate professor Gregg Perkins in regard to the exhibition. Click here to download the PDF of Dominique and Gregg’s conversation.

de la Torre Brothers Installation // Central Library Downtown San Diego

MSG artists Einar and Jamez de la Torre have recently installed a new work at the Central Library in downtown San Diego. The monumental ‘Corpus Callosum’ took two weeks to install, and its illuminated lenticular prints frame the building’s central elevator, accompanied by eight dioramas inside the shaft itself. This is the most prominent location of public art in the library. Read more in a great interview with the brothers in U-T San Diego.

Einar & Jamex de la Torre // Corpus Callosum at Central Library, San Diego // Photo: John Durant for U-T San Diego

Einar & Jamex de la Torre // Corpus Callosum at Central Library, San Diego // Photo: John Durant for U-T San Diego

The de la Torres were also recently honored with a grant from San Diego Foundation’s Center for Civic Engagement 2013 Creative Catalyst Fund. The CCF supports the creation and development of new work conceived by San Diego-based professional artists and focused on creating opportunities for civic engagement or advancing social change through arts and culture. “From improving civic dialogue, to defining community identity, promoting cultural tourism, and integrating the creative arts into our learning environments, artists working in communities make us stronger,” said Felicia Shaw, Arts and Culture Director. “Few investments provide such diverse and valuable returns and none is as vital to our quality of life.”

The brothers’ traveling exhibition, currently on view at Glazen Huis in Belgium, will next be on display in Prague at Galerie Pokorna.