We are pleased to share recent fine art developments and dynamic expansions over the hot summer months. “Hot” is the appropriate term, as the gallery continues to deliver a fevered focus in the contemporary art genres of ceramics, assemblage, painting and construction.

Passionate artists and dynamic exhibitions are being displayed in our home gallery, as well as art fairs around the country including: Art MRKT San Francisco/CA, Art MRKT Hamptons/NY, SOFA Santa Fe/NM, SOFA Chicago/IL, and the innovative talent of Sungyee Kim (featured above), Wanxin Zhang, Diane Ding, David Hicks, Josh DeWeese and Kang Hyo Lee.  As well as the dedication of Northern Ireland fine artist, James Kennedy to our talented line up of inventive artists.

Josh DeWeese // Sungyee Kim // Kang Hyo Lee

We invite you to take a close look at our artists and feel free to get in touch with the gallery for complimentary passes to SOFA Santa Fe (08/04—08/07), Art San Diego 2011 (09/01-09/04), (E)merge Art Fair in Washington D.C. (09/22—09/25) or to take a closer look at our emerging artists and complete inventory.

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