Hero Worship August 6—September 17

Mindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to present “Hero Worship” on August 6 through September 17 featuring the inspired work of Pavel Amromin, Jeremy Chandler, David Hilliard, Mark Newport, Gilad Ratman and Matthew Shaffer.

“Hero Worship” features the works of a select group of contemporary artists examining the role of male identity in our society. Each featured artist addresses the show’s theme with an array of eclectic art pieces that work in concert with one another, as showcased through the medium of photography, sculpture, painting and works on paper. (Mark Newport above)

Hero-Worship” is in a sense, a reconciliation between expectation and outcome. Ultimately, we all learn to honor the make up of a true hero—an individual who works through the mundane with no expectation of grandeur, secretly hoping for just a small measure of gratitude from those they have dedicated their lives to protect. “Hero Worship” opens on August 13 from 6 to 8PM and will be on exhibition through September 17. (David Hilliard above)

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