Gareth Mason at SOFA Chicago

Please join us at SOFA Chicago on November 4—6 at the Festival Hall, Navy Pier as we present the dynamic sculptural works of David Hicks and Gareth Mason.

Gareth describes, “Some objects, works of literature, music, painting, or simply moments in time can be charged with life and significance. I associate these with the arena of feeling.  The best art, irrespective of the discipline, is felt first and reasoned later.  This belief is my creative bedrock. It springs from a child-like curiosity and relish of the stuff of earth, an evolving well of experience and a love of mystery.  Beauty has many guises. I value the voluptuous and the visceral in equal measure.  Art is at its most potent when it exposes something of the artist’s humanity.  The Spanish know this and call it Duende but this phenomenon has a pan-cultural blood line, thus a personal act of risk and disclosure can be both gift and revelation, if we are alive to it.

Technique, material and process are all springboards. They are also straight-jackets. I fire as high as I dare in a gas kiln in reduction; nothing special. Fire is not necessarily the final act: I often return work to the fire, sometimes years after it was made, revisiting the canvas; always pushing. Obsessive-compulsive flirtation with disaster is the only process that keeps me creatively on my toes, engaged, alive. Materials can give so much more than orthodoxy dictates. Viewed in this light, ‘glaze’ reveals its true potential: conduit of gesture, malleable, corruptible or simply glue. I treat diverse surface qualities like jazz improvisation, trying out different relationships, energies and moods.”

Look forward to seeing you in Chicago. Please look out for the upcoming issue of Ceramics Monthly, as we are featured in a full page ad. See you soon.

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