Notes for Collecting Contemporary Art

As the San Diego Contemporary Art Fair winds down and we travel back to Florida, I wanted to share a couple of quick thoughts when it comes to collecting contemporary art.
(Details: Sungyee Kim, James Kennedy

Collecting Contemporary Art is first and foremost a personal passion, and it’s very important that I share my knowledge about a particular artist, back up my understanding with research and first hand experiences. The most important goal of the gallery is to present high-quality artworks by artists who make themselves accessible to you. Collectible artists, consistent in practice, deeply connected and dedicated to a life of the arts.

The Mindy Solomon Gallery invites you to take advantage of this opportunity and ascertain a deep knowledge about the artists who create high-quality, one-of-a-kind art pieces. Collecting these works provides a support system to a dynamic community that allows the creative voice to ring out with beauty and inspiration. Collecting is personal and distinguishes us from our peers while offering a shared perspective between collector and artist. (Sungyee Kim, above)

Our booth at the San Diego Contemporary Art Fair is an example of this connected relationship. A showcase of artisans associated to their works in a deep and spiritual way showcasing an eye for detail. Important facets for you to consider, as we work very hard to place high-quality works in the homes of people who look to celebrate the visceral quality of the work and the way it makes you feel—something is going on  beyond the visual surface. We hope you visit us at any one of the upcoming fairs or come in for a complimentary consultation. Enjoy the holiday and I look forward to seeing you and invite you to take a closer look. (Details, James Kennedy

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