(e)merge Art Fair in Washington D.C. 9/22—25

Mindy Solomon Gallery travels to Washington D.C. for the (e)merge Art Fair at the Capitol Skyline Hotel to present leading contemporary photographers Muir Vidler, Jeremy Chandler and Becky Flanders. You and your good friends are invited.

(e)merge Art Fair September 22—25
Friday, September 23: 12pm – 7pm
Saturday, September 24: 12pm – 7pm
Sunday, September 25: 12pm – 5pm

The (e)merge art fair celebrates galleries, artists, and the creative process with an an energetic environment of collaboration and discovery.

Muir Vidler
London based contemporary photographer Muir Vidler is sought out for his careful eye and colorful compositions by international magazines (GQ, Vanity Fair, Vogue) and select companies (Lotus, ROVE, Penguin). Muir Vidler consistently creates personal projects that deliver exuberantly detailed images, complete with an international cast of real life heroes. Muir Vidler captures the pageantry of life in themed works including: “Istanbul,” “Israeli Death Metal,” “Libyan Beauty Pageant” and “Rebels Without a Pause.” Muir Vidler is an important contemporary who lives by the old maxim, “never complain, never explain…”

Jeremy Chandler
Florida based contemporary photographer, Jeremy Chandler explores a myriad of issues that center on masculinity, utopian ideals and nature. Inspired by cinema, Jeremy Chandler’s visuals create dreamlike narratives that contradict traditional notions of masculinity. Jeremy juxtaposes the beauty found in nature with feelings of anxiety, as experienced by the viewer for the central protagonist. As Jeremy Chandler describes, “I create fictional narratives, but I also make environmental portraits.”

Becky Flanders
Becky Flanders consistently creates thought provoking, electrically charged photographs that reveal contradictory feminine archetypes while releasing urine while standing. Becky’s work, as she often describes, “And yet this image of woman ‘project[ing] beyond the boundaries of self’ in this way remains absent from collective consciousness. It seems that the concept of femininity dictates the possibility of female bodies, rather than the other way around.”

Please visit the Mindy Solomon Gallery Capitol Skyline Hotel, Washington D.C. If you wish to learn more about the presented artists or collecting contemporary photography, please contact the gallery or join the facebook guest list here.

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