Gregory Green Film Premiere 10/13 at 7PM

Gregory Green presents his documentary film, fifteen years in the making, “How To Start Your Own Country,” on October 13 at 7PM, FAH 101 at University of South Florida. Directed by Jody Shapiro, this 72 minute documentary presents a humorous and compassionate look at micro-nations—countries seldom recognized by the outside world that beckons, “What makes a country a country?”

Gregory Green is internationally recognized for his challenging work and the numerous controversies it has spawned in the USA and Europe. Since the mid-1980’s, Gregory has created artworks and performances exploring systems of control and the evolution of individual and collective empowerment. Green’s work considers the use of violence, alternatives to violence, and the accessibility of information and technology as vehicles for social or political change. “How To Start Your Own Country” features Gregory Green’s 15 year ongoing project entitled, “The New Free state of Caroline.” Hear introductions and questions and answers featuring Jody Shapiro and Gregory Green, October 13 at 7PM at the USF School of Art, FAH 101 and sponsored by the Mindy Solomon Gallery.

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