Wookjae Mang New Works

Mindy Solomon Gallery has been representing all of the artists featured in the gallery in cities coast to coast. The art fair presentation has allowed us the opportunity to offer unique and diverse programming that introduces collectors to new and emerging artists from around the world. (Above, Gaze-Big Horn Sheep, Size : 6.7”x7.1”x9.8”).

Recently, at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair, we featured sculptural work by the de la Torre brothers, Sunkoo Yuh, Wookjae Mang and paintings by Sean Noyce. Proudly, all of the artists and their great works were well received—and greater still, Wookjae Mang’s pieces completely sold out. Fortunately, we have new work by Wookjae Mang to exhibit. (Above, Framed Big Horn Sheep Black, Rhino White, Rhino Grey,  9.8”x9.4”x16”).

South Korean artist, Wookjae Mang, creates detailed sculptural works that are based on profound life experiences while traveling in North America. Wookjae recently completed new work for the gallery, that is now available. Take a close look, stop in the gallery or give us a call for more information. New Wookjae Mang works are now available. (Above, Gaze—Rhino and Gaze—Wild Cow, 5.9”x5.9”x8.3”).

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