David Hicks Talk at SOFA Chicago

Mindy Solomon Gallery is presenting an impressive collection of contemporary sculpture created by Gareth Mason and David Hicks at this year’s SOFA Chicago art fair.

On Friday, November 4 at 12:00—1:00PM at booth 920 come and meet sculptor David Hicks for a one hour talk entitled, “Two-Dimensional Work in Three-Dimensional Context.”

David Hicks assembles multiple pieces and varying weights on custom forged hooks that carry the weight of his pieces and unify his work into a singular construction. David’s work is fluid, and though his work presents itself without physical movement, his pieces appear to be moving all the time. David shares, “For me the metallic surface has a way of neutralizing the “ceramic,” making the piece be more about the form and surface color, and less about “glaze type.”

We are looking forward and offering an exceptional grouping of David Hicks’ ceramic sculptures. Please contact the gallery for more information or view additional works here and exclusive interview here. (Above, Still Life, Copper).

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