SOFA Chicago Art Fair Booth

Hello from SOFA Chicago. We are exhibiting a dynamic collection of sculptures, vessels and high-quality ceramics pieces by artists David Hicks and Gareth Mason.

David and Gareth are also featured speakers at this year’s SOFA lecture series which begins on Friday and Saturday. Two great artists with great topics and available for your choosing—FRIDAY, David Hicks’, “Two Dimensional Work in Three Dimensional Context” at booth 920 from 12:00—1PM and on SATURDAY Join Gareth Mason’s “Fire:Ceramics, Mystery and Creativity” at 12:30—1:30PM, room 326. You can’t go wrong, as these two important contemporaries will inspire you with their process and quality of work.

Please stop by our booth at SOFA Chicago and say hello, we are excited to share great work and add a special dimension to your art collection. Please contact the gallery for more information or take a closer look at David Hicks and Gareth Mason online.

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