“Rock-Paper-Scissors” January 7—February 18, 2012

“Rock-Paper-Scissors” is a children’s game originally created in China during the Han Dynasty (206BCE—220 CE) and played throughout the world in an infinite amount of variations that transcend national and cultural boundaries. The Mindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to present balzerARTprojects from Basel, Switzerland and introduce their exhibition, “Rock-Paper-Scissors” curated by Isabel Balzer, January 7 through February 18, 2012. (Above, Nici Jost, Waiting for Wonderland, video featured in bottom of sculpture).

“Rock-Paper-Scissors” features artists Andi Bauer, Domenico Billari, Tom Fellner, EddiE haRA, Mimi von Moos, Nici Jost, Oliver Lang, Sebastien Mejia and Olga Vonmoos. All of the featured artists will be presenting thematic pieces in media, video, sculpture, painting and drawing to compliment the exhibition’s theme. (Above, EddiE haRA, Envelopes, Mixed media).

Curator and gallery director, Isabel Balzer, describes “Rock-Paper-Scissors:” “In this exhibition artists are brought together from different cultural and artistic backgrounds – moving on the common ground of visual representation.  As much as the game, the medium paper – in the context of visual representation, its necessity for daily existence and its potential for visual versatility is key to each artist’s work.  At the same time, fragility and ephemerality are being highlighted by playing with the medium.  Text and language, inseparable from paper, permeate each artist’s work.” (Above, Oliver Lang, People Series, photography).

Please join us at the Mindy Solomon Gallery January 7 for an artist reception and preview of “Rock-Paper-Scissors” curated by Isabel Balzer and presenting the artists of balzerARTprojects from Basel, Switzerland. “Rock-Paper-Scissors” will be on exhibit through Februrary 18, 2012. (Above, Tom Fellner, Monster Drawing, Watercolor).

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