Jeremy Chandler “Camouflage” Congratulations

Congratulations to Jeremy Chandler who was recently chosen by the Hagedorn Foundation Gallery to present his work, along with Kristine Potter, in a thematic exhibition titled, “Camouflage” January 5—February 12 located in Atlanta, Georgia. (above: Eric in a Ghillie Suit (Flowers), 2011, 50 x 40″).

For Immediate Release
Hagedorn Foundation Gallery is pleased to present “Camouflage” a two-part exhibition by photographers Kristine Potter and Jeremy Chandler. Both photographers deal with the male’s mythological role in society, based on historically tough, unemotional performance and appearance. Using the soldier and the hunter as their subjects, Potter and Chandler raise questions about their males’ profiles, and about gender issues, by feminizing the men. (above: Ghillie Suit 1 (Flowers), 2011, 40×50″).

In each photographer’s work, one can see referents to art historical pieces, which compromise the apparent narrative. Potter’s work, documenting cadets at the US Military Academy, uses compositions of Manet, Goya and other painters of the 19th c that objectify the female. She places her West Point soldiers in training in those females’ positions: objects of the gaze, such as the odalisques Olympia, and Maja, or the triangulated female companions of Le Dejeuner Sur L’herbe.

The gaze is also an important component of male photographer Chandler’s work. His contemporary young Florida hunters posture like 19th c sporting periodical men, but Chandler removes the animal/bird object of the hunt and concentrates the composition on the relationships of the men through tacit glances, pregnant pauses and the tension of distances and closeness. Thus, the implied subject of the hunt is altered from animal to human or from other to self.

Through these works, the ambiguous gender trope, prevalent in current media, is brought to the forefront in fine art and cultural commentary in a way which impacts both sexes: if the stereotypical idea of masculinity changes, then so does that of femininity. (above: Ghillie Suit 3 (Flowers), 2011, 40×50″).

Gallery Detail
The Hagedorn Foundation Gallery is a non-profit gallery in Atlanta showcasing photo-based-art focused on socio-political and cultural inspired works.

Exhibition Detail
Jeremy Chandler and Kristine Potter will present their photographic work in a two person exhibition, “Camouflage,” January 5—February 12 with a opening reception on Saturday, January 14 at 12:30 pm held at the Hagedorn Foundation Gallery located at 425 Peachtree Hills Avenue, # 25 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jeremy Chandler, based in Tampa, Florida, creates photographic focused on the exploration of societal issues that expose masculinity, utopian ideals and the natural environment. In addition to being the 2008 Photographer Laureate for the city of Tampa, Jeremy has been included in numerous group and solo exhibitions including the 23rd edition of New American Talent. Jeremy received his BFA from the University of Florida in Creative Photography and his MFA at the University of South Florida and represented by the Mindy Solomon Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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