Gregory Green Huffington Post Feature

Contemporary artist, Gregory Green had an amazing 2011 and we thought we would share a great article featured in the Huffington Post with you.

Catherine Spaeth writes, “Gregory Green is perhaps best known for displaying bombs in galleries since 1992. The FBI has a file on hand for each of his bombs, so that agents do not confuse his artist’s models, lacking in dynamite or plutonium, with the real thing. Several times galleries have had to contend with the law, his devices frazzling the contours of power. This put Green in the odd position of becoming a spokesperson for terrorism, to the extent that when asked if the World Trade Center might become a serious target, Green could not deny it’s symbolic value and likely fall. After 9/11 this made the artist untouchable, and for nearly a decade since the art world has been consumed by decoration and (b)light – a condition that is exploited well by the forthcoming exhibition of Damien Hirst’s polka dots across the Gagosian globe. Recently, however, Gregory Green has noticed a thaw – exhibition spaces are becoming a little bolder and don’t fear losing their funding base because of it.”

Read the complete Huffington Post article by Catherine Spaeth here.

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