Astronavigation by Erin Parish


Mindy Solomon consistently introduces a diverse inventory featuring contemporary art works celebrating the narrative tradition. Often, we celebrate artists who reveal introspective techniques and traditions rooted in culture, philosophy and contemporary mantras. (Above, Astronavigation, 2012, Oil with small mirrors embedded in epoxy resin on aluminum, 18 1/2 x 27 1/4 inches).

We are pleased to introduce artist, Erin Parish, who delivers an impression of painted weightlessness. Stephen Westfall describes, “Erin Parish paints fields of circles that contain worlds. It’s rare to find a geometric element repeated to the point of patterning in paintings yielding so much spatiality, but Parish wrings space from pattern through scale shifts and an atmospheric materiality in her paint that shimmers and veils as much as it discloses in literal fashion her painting processes and the physical here and now of being before her painting. If spatial illusion is all about there and concrete materiality is all about here, then Parish has found an elegant, even romantic language for bringing the two together. (Above, Dog Days, 2007—2011, Oil and hand cast resin cubes on wood panel, 60 x 48 inches).

We are looking forward to introducing Erin Parish and her multi-layered paintings at the Dream Hotel, during Art Wynwood Fair. Please stop by the gallery and we’ll be happy to introduce her work in person by appointment. (above, Everlasting Spring, 2009, Oil and resin on mirrored plexiglass, 32 x 78 inches)

4 thoughts on “Astronavigation by Erin Parish

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