Meditative Journeys—Korean Paintings and Sculptural Forms

Mindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to present the devotional works of two Korean artists, painter—Sungyee Kim and ceramic artist—Kang Hyo Lee in a two person exhibition entitled, Meditative Journeys. Please join us for the opening reception Saturday, February 25, 2012, 6—8PM.

Sungyee Kim creates densely layered paintings that incorporate the principles of I Ching with the Taoistic pursuit of becoming one with material. Sungyee shares, “A painting’s artificial, two-dimensional surface requires pure belief in spiritual values. It opens a door to the ideal.“

Kang Hyo Lee’s ceramic work infuses ancient tradition with whimsical and contemporary interpretation. Bun-cheong was created during the Koryo Dynasty (918-1392AD) and was commonly used by the aristocracy and commoners of Korea. The decorative style of Bun-cheong was created by stamping patterns or etching into the surface of the unfired clay and then covered with a white slip. The slip was either dipped in a tray or hand painted in a rough, hurried fashion with no consideration for precise detail. (Read more here).

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