Introducing Sylvia Hommert

The Boltax.Gallery of Shelter Island, New York and the Mindy Solomon Gallery have teamed up to present a new artist who celebrates the art of light, Sylvia Hommert.

Sylvia Hommert creates textural panels, densely coated with beeswax, aqua tint, resin, glitter and paua shell to capture the reflective properties of light and how light interacts within a closed environment.  “It’s elusive, full of movement, ever changing and ephemeral.”

Sylvia describes, “My technique has evolved as a way to capture the liquid and fluid nature of light, and I am drawn to materials that enhance and illuminate: pearly paua shell, metal leaf, holographic paper, crystalline mineral salts, beeswax, resin. By building up layers of materials from the opaque to translucent to transparent, then using a flame to burn away portions, I create depth and texture. Exposing elements that are underneath holds a hint of mystery that’s akin to uncovering buried treasure. Introducing dimension as a factor, I can express not only surface texture and depth, but different perspectives; the highs and lows offering yet another way to play with and capture light.”

You can learn more about Sylvia Hommert and her work here.

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