Marc Burckhardt at SCOPE New York 3/7—3/11

Mindy Solomon Gallery is preparing for SCOPE NY March 7—11 and is working hard to introduce a new line up of artists and art work to be presented at the fair. Keeping this in mind we are proud to introduce fine artist Marc Burckhardt from Austin, Texas.

Marc Burckhardt lives and works in a 1910 farmhouse in the shadows of downtown. Born in Germany and raised in Texas, Burckhardt’s work juxtaposes old world styles and symbols with very current American themes. As a youth, Burckhardt traveled Europe each year with his family, a tradition he continues today. The paintings, architecture, and perspectives he encounters in Europe combined with his studies of art history inform his current work and convey modern ideas through thought-provoking scenarios. Through the study and use of old masters’ techniques such as glazing and layering varnishes, Marc achieves the texture and luminosity that distinguish his paintings. The aged surface denotes importance and gravity which is then juxtaposed with Burckhardt’s often quirky or mischievous subjects.

Please contact the gallery for additional information and acquisition details for the above pieces by Marc Burckhardt.

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