James Kennedy at SCOPE NY

James Kennedy is busy readying his paintings for a SCOPE NY next week, March 7—11 and will be featured at Booth A11.

Working with the dissections of space, James Kennedy constructs his compositions with a sense of constant movement. James applies a variety of techniques—color washes, etched lines scribed into the fabric of the surface—carefully analyzing spatial relationships. “When you look at my paintings closely it’s as much about the construct as it is about the content,” James shared. (above, CONSTRUCTIVE TENDENCIES, 51 X 51,” MIXED MEIDA ON INCISED MASONITE).

James is creating all new work for SCOPE NY and a VIP reception for James Kennedy in collaboration with the Surface Library on Friday, March 9 from 6—9PM is planned to reveal a large scaled, very involved new work. Please contact us or email to attend this wonderful event. Details and RSVP information will be provided. Read an interview featuring James Kennedy here. (above, FACE OFF, DIPTYCH, 2 FRAMED PANELS, 39 X 39,” Mixed Media on Incised Masonite).

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