ART MRKT San Francisco = Asian Inspired Art

The Mindy Solomon Gallery is proud to return to ART MRKT San Francisco for its second year. Returning artist, Sungyee Kim, delivers paintings that might be described as deeply spiritual, a theme that unifies a cohesive collection of Meditative Works that embody a combination of traditional and contemporary themes.

In addition to a select grouping of two-dimensional works we will be presenting a collection of pop-inspired Chinese sculptures. San Francisco based artist, Wanxin Zhang, will feature a dynamic union shared between expressive figural work and historic narrative.

Mindy Solomon Gallery powerhouse painter James Kennedy will debut a new body of sophisticated hard edge geometric abstractions. Kennedy is a master of tonal painting that is reminiscent of mid-century modern design and architecture, which also elicits an Asian aesthetic.

Korean artist Lee Kang Hyo’s lovely jar forms, recently on display at the prestigious Asian Art Museum in San Francisco will be available for serious collectors of beautifully rendered puncheong onggi ceramics, as well as the newly inspired first time buyer. Erin Parish, newly added to the gallery roster, will be displaying a series of non-objective paintings that showcase her fervent commitment to Buddhist practices. Sylvia Hommert’s layered holographic paintings evoke Mandala like imagery, rounding out this magnetic group of talented artists.

ART MRKT San Francisco takes place May 17—20. If you are traveling to San Francisco, or reside in the area, feel free to contact us for fair passes and on site consultation. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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