William Pachner: Renowned Artist Joins Mindy Solomon Gallery


William Pachner, Falling Landscape, 1965, 41 in w x 41 in h, oil on canvas

Woodstock, New York, based artist William Pachner has recently become a member of the Mindy Solomon Gallery program. Pachner has had an extensive and prolific career spanning from the 1940s to the early 1990s. Born in Czechoslovakia, William Pachner studied in Vienna before coming to the United States in 1939 on the eve of World War II. During the war, his anti-fascist illustrations appeared in the foremost national magazines.

When he learned in 1945 that all members of his family had been exterminated by the Germans, he quit his commercial career. At that moment, he resolved never again to do a commercial job, but to paint what he felt. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in New York City and Florida, and was the recipient of several awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship in Fine Arts, two Ford Foundation grants, and a National Institute of Arts and Letters Award for painting. His work is represented in many museums and private collections, including: the Whitney Museum, The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, The Butler Institute of American Art, The Florida Holocaust Museum, the Tampa Museum of Art, the St Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, Polk Museum of Art inLakeland, Florida, and the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.


William Pachner, #4330 78 WP51, 1965, 70.5 in h x 71 in w, oil on canvas

The Pachner Estate has offered the Gallery a very significant body of abstract expressionist works from the late 1950s through mid 1970s. Most of these paintings were recently on solo exhibition at the Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Florida.

Pachner’s abstract expressionist works are a visual feast—embodying swirling colors and texture; his deeply layered surfaces speak to a much deeper world concern. Pachner states: “I want, in each work, the world —like my countryman Mahler, the whole pie, not just one triangular wedge of it, but all of it in all of its contradictions, paradoxes, ironies, unbearable sorrows, indescribable joys, tragic comedy, farce, pathos, and drama, both authentic and fraudulent.

The world, I say to myself, on which all this takes place simultaneously—the world so incomprehensible, so dear, so much in need of our care, of our embrace.”

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