Generic Art Solutions at SCOPE Basel… And Videos!

We are thrilled to be exhibiting three great works by Generic Art Solutions (GAS) at SCOPE Basel, Switzerland, June 12th-17th:  Marat, The Raft, and Liberty.  See them all on the GAS page of our website here // Generic Art Solutions work at Mindy Solomon Gallery

Generic Art Solutions is the collaborative effort of Matt Vis and Tony Campbell. This New Orleans-based art duo utilizes nearly every art medium to examine recurring themes of human drama and functions of contemporary society. Always rooted in the performative, the pair play every character in each of their works. The resultant effect of their elaborate two-man stagings is as impressive as the subject matter itself.  By combining classical, romantic, and baroque compositional elements with contemporary pictorial techniques, GAS seek to illuminate common threads that connect past histories with current events: that the history of art is political; that human behavior repeats itself; that the cycle of repetition must be broken in order for progress to be made.  More absurd than comical, the work is a humorous and irreverent commentary on the function of art and contemporary life.

GAS’s video portraits and public performances are just as poignant as their photographs.  Please enjoy a few of their enactments here:


MOLOTOV (Passing the Torch)




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