The de la Torre Brothers: Museum Shows Abound!

Mindy Solomon Gallery artists and brothers Einar and Jamex de la Torre are known for their mixed media works based upon their Mexican-American bi-cultural experience. LA Weekly describes their work as a “raucous parade of unlikely icons, sabotaged masterpieces, reconstituted artifacts and cock-eyed renditions of just about anything you can think of.”

Tara’s Temple, 2011
48x36x3 inches
Mixed Media, Resin Castings, Faceted Glass

Their current exhibitions include:

La Reconquista

Coming events include:

Solos shows include:

  • Exhibit at Mesa Center for Contemporary Art, September 14-January 7
  • Exhibit at Chrysler Museum, Virginia, September 12-October 28
  • Residency at The Chrysler Museum, Virginia, September 17-24
  • Featured artist at the International Glass Symposium Novy Bor, Czech Republic,  October 4-7
  • Exhibit at Mindy Solomon Gallery in December
  • Completion of public art project at San Diego Public Library, with artwork installations in the main glass elevator

Visit the Mindy Solomon Gallery for more information on the artists and to follow news on their upcoming exhibit in December.

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