Organic Inhabitants

The Creature Comforts of David Hicks and Patricia Sannit
Mindy Solomon Gallery | July 14 – September 8
Opening Reception with the Artists | July 14, 6-8:30 PM
Artist Talk with David Hicks and Patricia Sannit | July 14, 6:30 PM

I tried to use the questions and answers as an armature on which to build a sculpture of genuine conversation.
                   – Clifton Fadiman

Both David Hicks and Patricia Sannit work with an earthen material as a means to convey a relationship to the organic and historical world through hand-worked sculptural forms. A sense of familiarity, as well as structural integrity, unite these two diverse artists.

Above: David Hicks | L: Flora (Emerald Milk), R: Flora (Yellow)

David Hicks grew up amongst the farmlands in Valencia, California. His early interest in agriculture stimulated his desire to create forms that speak to both growth and sustainability. As an emerging artist, he explores the physical aspects of materials: hand-built slab and coiled forms with unctuous drippy glazes. Hicks’ juxtaposes terra cotta earthenware clays against a multitude of colors and layers-gold metallic shrouding burnt orange create a dynamic visual exchange. The shapes and conceptual references can be found in the fields surrounding his immediate environment in North Carolina, where he now resides. He has a fundamental understanding of place.

Above: Patricia Sannit

With an abiding love of archeology, Patricia Sannit explores the development and transmission of culture through time and across distance; she is interested in the sameness and continuity of peoples worldwide.  The rhythms of everyday activities merge into a thing of beauty and at the same time capture the fleeting moments of daily life.  Clay, with its inherent tactile qualities, leaves the evidence of its maker while imparting the beauty of life itself. Sannit’s works are a testament to how contemporary art can create a new pathway to something archaic and powerful.

Organic Inhabitants will be a show that not only occupies space, but informs and enhances in a three dimensional conversation. For more information, visit the Mindy Solomon Gallery Exhibition page.

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