Abstract, Playful Expressionism in the Hamptons

Mindy Solomon Gallery will be presenting the work of several dynamic and inspired artists working in the genre of non-objective art, as well as a grouping of colorful European narrative expressionist works at the upcoming Art MRKT Hamptons and Art Southampton.

artMRKT Hamptons
July 19-22, 2012 // Booth 211

Art Mrkt Hamptons will feature the work of: Gary Petersen, Erin Parish, David Hicks, William Pachner and John Held, Jr. Each of the participating artists has a vibrancy and energy that is connected to their unique artistic perspectives.

Gary Petersen // Together // 2009 // 56 x 40 inches // Oil on canvas

Gary Petersen, an abstract painter that combines references to constructivism with an irreverent dayglow palette states: “My longtime interest in early 20th century abstraction and the notion of the ‘cosmic’ merges with a California/pop sensibility. What develops is a way for abstract painting to still be engaging. ”

John Held Jr. // Forest Hatch // 2011 // 29 1/4 x 47 inches // Oil on paper

New to the gallery, San Francisco artist John Held, Jr. also embraces a flurry of color and line that speaks to his long time scholarly interest in the FLUXES and DADA movements of the 1960’s. The repetitious use of cross hatching and bold color serve as an homage to the indefinable nature of FLUXUS art, infused with humor and visual energy. Held describes the works as wall cloths, often layering them over multiple surfaces to create a completely altered environment.

Erin Parish // River at High Sun // 2012 // 47 1/2 x 47 1/2 inches // Oil and resin on wood panel

Miami based painter Erin Parish also utilizes color to create a sense of space and time. Her ethereal meditative surfaces remind one of the interplay of light and water creating a connectedness with spiritually and personal reflection.

David Hicks // Flora (Yellow) // 2012 // Glazed ceramics

David Hicks also embraces the interaction of multiple layers of color. Hicks’ organically inspired sculptural forms are a breeding ground for highly pigmented diversity. Alchemistically inclined, Hicks boldly fires layer upon layer of glaze on his forms-creating a wonderful marriage between two and three dimensional art.

William Pachner // The Forrest // 1961 // Oil on canvas

The work presented by William Pachner is completely contemporary in appearance though it was created during the height of the abstract expressionist movement in the early 1960’s. His incredible brush work and inspired use of color combined with angst driven urgency create work that is timeless and authentic.

art southampton
July 26-30, 2012 // VIP Preview July 26 // Booth AS24 

James Kennedy // Bay Rigger Blue // 2012 // 40 x 40 inches // Mixed media on incised masonite

Our program at Art Southampton will also feature paintings by William Pachner. Additionally, we will be showing the work of James Kennedy, a New York based painter. Kennedy’s lyrical tonal compositions speak to a mid-century modern vibe, while existing firmly in the contemporary milieu.

Georgine Ingold // Outside Luzerne // 2011 // 11 x 15 inches // Oil on canvas

Swiss artist Georgine Ingold brings a rich, painterly aesthetic to the program. Ingolds’ works are characterized by expressive brush marks showing visible evidence of the process of creating the painting. Her surfaces demonstrate a wonderful use of light to convey space and time.

Karin Karinson Nilsson // Playing the Dream Out of Her // 2011 // 6 x 6 inches // Readymades, glaze, clay, glass

European artist Karin Karinson Nilsson demonstrates a flair for color, surface and texture. Her porcelain mixed media assemblages entice the viewer with an air of familiarity that is created from the use of found objects and figurines. These materials are completely reinvented and fresh in presentation, dripping with color from the molten glass and glaze that holds the newly minted sculpture together.

The Mindy Solomon Gallery is proud to be presenting the work of emerging, mid-career and established artists who present a fresh and colorful perspective in the contemporary marketplace.

One thought on “Abstract, Playful Expressionism in the Hamptons

  1. Erin Parish is my niece! Needless to say, I’m very proud of her and her
    God given ability to paint as she does. Beautiful website with many different
    and interesting works of art.

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