Gary Petersen Interviewed in NY ARTS

Gary Petersen // The Things I Miss // 2011 // 20 x 16″ // Acrylic and Oil on masonite panel

Gary Petersen // Untitled (purple) // 2010 // 16 x 12″ // Acrylic and Oil on masonite panel

Represented artist Gary Petersen is interviewed by painter Amanda Church in this NYArts Magazine article.

What influences me—well, life! Primarily nature, biology, architecture, and my personal life influence me. The ups and downs we all deal with in our lives, like parents aging and then dying. Sometimes you gain perspective on your work only after the fact. I often think the “ghosting,” the pentimenti, in some of my recent work, relates to the years I had to deal with my mother’s dementia before she died.  But my work does not “abstract” from nature, it is just that all these things are in you and if you are in touch with these memories they do come out in the work.
– Gary Petersen

Read more from the article here, and visit the Mindy Solomon Gallery website to view more of Gary Petersen’s work.

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