Exhibition: Post Coital



Marta Soul // Idillo en apartamento II // Courtesy Kopeikin Gallery

Mindy Solomon Gallery presents ‘Post Coital’ February 9-March 30, 2013. An Opening Night Reception takes place Saturday, February 9th, from 6-8:30pm, with an Artists’ Talk at 6:30pm by Christina West and Becky Flanders. This exhibition examines a diverse group of artists’ perceptions of romantic love:Rebekah BogardGeorgine IngoldMuir VidlerScot SothernChristina WestBecky Flanders, and Marta Soul courtesy Kopeikin Gallery.

“Permagrin (noun): A blissfully wide post-coital grin indicative of particularly satisfying sex. Usually indicates a strong sense of emotional closeness with the partner responsible for said sex. Permagrin derived from sex can often last for an entire day. This phenomenon is primarily experienced by females, but under certain circumstances can be found in males for the same reason.” -Urbandictionary.com

The notion of romantic love experienced by physical intimacy is a lovely but often ephemeral notion. The chemical interaction created between two attracted individuals who find themselves entwined in entangled limbs and beating hearts, followed by the blissful cuddle and murmured words of affection is often remembered as nothing more than unanswered calls and feelings of regret. Generationally, women of a certain era believed their whole being was defined by the love and admiration of a man, his actions carefully observed and measured, statements evaluated and considered; beauty affirmed by romantic validation. The introduction of once-removed social media has made human contact almost invalid. Relationships can be easily dismissed, words texted without inflection behind them, touch and gesture lost behind faceless communication. All that remains is memory, which can be changed and shifted depending on the day or mood of the individual. So what is romantic love? Does it still exist? Does anyone still care-or are they willing to admit they care for fear of showing weakness?


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