Kate MacDowell at John Michael Kohler Arts Center


Fragile Endurance on View through September 22nd //MSG artist Kate MacDowell presents her exhibition, Fragile Endurance, at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, February 10 – September 22, 2013. The Arts Center functions as a catalyst for and explorer of new art forms and new ideas that impact the lives of both artists and the public.

MacDowell’s exhibit explores the friction and discomfort in man’s relationship with nature. These works raise the question of our own vulnerability within changing ecological systems. Her choices of material and subject matter respond to environmental stressors such as climate change and species extinction. She chose porcelain for its luminous and ghostly qualities; the delicate reputation of the medium highlights the impermanence and fragility of natural forms in a dying ecosystem. Her case studies of two extinct species—the Costa Rican golden toad and the passenger pigeon—can be seen as thoughtful records of lost life forms and commentaries on our own culpability.

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