Post Coital Extended Through March 30


On View at the Gallery //
Post Coital through March 30th
Now on view through March 30th at Mindy Solomon Gallery!  Post Coital features work by Rebekah Bogard, Georgine Ingold, Muir Vidler, Scot Sothern, Christina West, Becky Flanders, and Marta Soul (courtesy of Kopeikin Gallery).  The purpose of this exhibition is to examine a diverse group of artist’s perceptions of romantic love. The work being presented is each of their instinctive reactions to this concept. Post Coital, the blissful finale to a passionate exchange, does not always manifest in the same way. Gender, generational differences, and previous life experience color the expectation and outcome of romantic interaction. The artists presented in this exhibition endeavor to shine a small light on a universal occurrence that makes life more exciting and often more perplexing.

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