Scot Sothern // X-Rated Online + Huffington Post Review


Scot Sothern // Lowlife: Mac

In response to the upcoming publication of his memoir, Curb Service (Soft Skull Press, July 2013), MSG artist Scot Sothern has started blogging.  “Cruising nighttime byways for an adrenaline fix, Scot Sothern first patronized the marketplace of curbside prostitution surfing the prurient whims of a young man. He dove to the murky depths of sexual obsession and resurfaced five years later, shell-shocked and without excuse. While there, trusty Nikon in hand, Scot, a second-generation photographer, made full-frontal X-rated exposures, black and white, filled with pathos and an uncanny realism. The pictures captured the plight of the disenfranchised in America, those forgotten and drug-addicted. Now he is ready to tell the story behind the photographs, the confessions of a befuddled baby-boomer maintaining a slippery connection to propriety while side-tripping into noirish infatuations with those low in life.” Follow his posts here.

He was also featured in a Huffington Post article this month for his participation in the political exhibition ‘Capital Crimes Show’ at BC Space in Laguna Beach, California. Click here to read the review.

And, Sothern is writing a twice-monthly column, Nocturnal Submissions, for Vice Magazine online.  He warns that Vice is ‘x-rated and not for everyone.’

Learn More //

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