Gary Petersen Featured in Blinnk, Trendland

The work of Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Gary Petersen was featured in articles on Blinnk and Trendland this week. Blinnk offers a review of Petersen’s current New York City show ‘Tectonic Drift,’ and Trendland highlights his recent work.

In her review ‘Cool Tectonics,’ Janet Goleas writes: “Gary Petersen’s use of line is intuitive, ricocheting from corner to corner to corner like the trajectory of a billiard ball. As his linear motif accumulates across the surface, it crisscrosses at various junctures and—almost accidentally—frames out spacial forms (mostly trapezoids and wedges) that anchor the imagery within the perimeters defined by kinetic pathways.

Petersen animates the picture field with lines that vary from dense color bars to labyrinthian architectures that fracture, push and weave through the composition. His palette is plastic and prismatic, invoking contradiction, playfulness, and a space-bending joie d’vivre that is full of life.”

Gary Petersen - Here We Are

Gary Petersen // Here We Are, 2012

And, in her feature, Amanda Jakubik said: “Bold, with a touch of eccentricism—Gary Petersen’s paintings are a treat for anyone looking to see geometric abstracted painting with a humanistic touch.  The painter utilizes fresh and interesting color combinations in his lively compositions, of which he states, “my longtime interest in early 20th century abstraction and the notion of the ‘cosmic’ merges with a California/pop sensibility.”  Living and working in New York City, he deliciously bridges the continental divide between that California cool and East Coast prep.”

Gary Petersen - Untitled BG-3

Gary Petersen // Untitled B-G 3, 2011

See more of Gary Petersen’s available works at Mindy Solomon Gallery //

And, contact the Gallery at 727-502-0852 to inquire about Petersen’s works featured in this post //

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