Josh DeWeese at Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls, MT

Josh DeWeese, Mindy Solomon Gallery artist, will be featured in the exhibition ‘A Point in Time’ at the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls, Montana, on view from March 28-August 24, 2013. An Opening Reception takes place Thursday, March 28, 2013 from 5:30–7:30pm, with an Art Share Presentation by Josh DeWeese and Julia Becker beginning at 6pm. Complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served.  The Museum is located at 1400 First Avenue North, Great Falls.  Visit for more information.

josh deweese - great falls

DeWeese says of his works in the show:
“I am inspired and challenged by the art of pottery and strive to make work that is successful on multiple levels. I want my pots to be well-designed and comfortable to use; to be rich with ceramic wonder, and seductive to behold; and to have reference to history and the field of ceramic art to spark the imagination.

This exhibition features a range of pottery forms that are of interest to me at this time, including covered jars, platters, baskets, various pouring vessels, and cups. The jars and platters serve as a platform for the exploration of narrative, with drawings enveloping the forms, emerging in and out of the glazed surface. The larger vessels become paintings in the round, and I am interested in how the image unfolds as you move around the pot. The baskets and pouring forms are animated, and reference the figure in their posture. I continue to be amused by the characters they become. The cups are perhaps the most intimate. I enjoy the potential of their daily kiss, and future interaction in the hand and the home.”

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