Muir Vidler Shares thoughts on ‘Soon-to-be-Ex-Assistant’ Ryoko Uyama

Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Muir Vidler shares:

 “A touching and heartfelt post I recently did on my blog about my Japanese-Morris-dancing-soon-to-be-ex-Assistant.”

muir vidler - ryoko uyama tumblr_inline_mjgcvpAB601qz4rgp

In his post, Muir writes, “Today we take a look at life below stairs in Muir Hall. While I swan around the drawing room punishing the brandy and making sharp observations, Ryoko Uyama is downstairs polishing the brass and blackening the boots. She might not exactly be the engine of Muir Hall, but she’s one of the big pistons. She is my assistant—my driver, my bodyguard, my technical expert, my external short-term memory. She is Cato to my Clouseau…”

tumblr_inline_mjcyleVYTy1qz4rgpUyama is parting from her role as assistant to pursue her own photography full-time; this loving and humorous look into her work with Muir is definitely worth a read.

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