William Pachner: ‘Imagined Fragments’ // Opening Reception March 30 in Woodstock

The Byrdcliffe Kleinart/James Art Center is pleased to present ‘Imagined Fragments,’ a selection of black and white works on paper by William Pachner ( Mindy Solomon Gallery-represented artist), with a catalogue by Daniel Mason. The exhibition will be on view March 29-May 5, 2013, with an opening reception Saturday, March 30th, from 4-6pm. A gallery talk with William Pachner and Michael Perkins will take place May 6th from 2-3pm; Mr. Pachner will be 98 years old at the time of this talk. For more information, please contact BYRDCLIFFE at 845.679.2079, email info@woodstockguild.org,  or visit www.byrdcliffe.org. The Center is located at 36 Tinker Street in Woodstock, NY.

William Pachner - Drawing

William Pachner // Drawing from the ‘Imagined Fragments’ Exhibition

Born in Czechoslovakia in 1915, Pachner has made his home in Woodstock since 1945. He studied art in Vienna and worked as an illustrator in Prague before coming to the United States in 1939 on the eve of World War II. During the war, his anti-fascist anti-Nazi illustrations have appeared in the foremost national magazines. When he learned in 1945 that all members of his family had been exterminated by the Germans, he quit his commercial career and resolved never again to do a commercial job, but to paint what he felt.

Known as a colorist, Pachner’s work includes satiric drawings, erotic figurative, biblical Judaic and Christian themes, photomontages, and paintings of great color intensity. Late in his career, he turned to black and white after losing sight in his one good eye. The works in this show represent loss: absence of sight, family, homeland—everything—with the almost unbearable weight of personal and artistic annihilation. While their form, movement, and gesture embrace an essential vitality, these drawings also embody a silent horror and violence. The artist’s final works embody a multiplicity of meanings and are an affirmation of humanness and the reminder of the sacredness of all life.

About his paintings, Pachner said, “I want, in each work, the world, like my countryman Mahler, the whole pie, not just one triangular wedge of it, but all of it in all of its contradictions, paradoxes, ironies, unbearable sorrows, indescribable joys, tragic comedy, farce, pathos and drama, both authentic and fraudulent. The world, I say to myself, on which all this takes place simultaneously—the world so incomprehensible, so dear, so much in need of our care, of our embrace.”

In recent years, his work has been shown at the Tampa Museum of Art, the Florida Holocaust Museum, and the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art.

The Mindy Solomon Gallery is proud to offer a new secondary-market painting by William Pachner, Oil #9, painted in 1974 at 44.5 x 45 inches.  Please contact the gallery for details.


William Pachner // Oil #9, 1974, 44.5 x 45,” oil on canvas

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