Scot Sothern Interview on GUP

Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Scot Sothern was interviewed on Los Angeles’s Guide to Unique Photography (GUP) this week.

Here’s an excerpt:

GUP: “In what way do think the desperation shown by the women in the series reflects your own desperation?”

Scot: “I could’ve easily enough photographed women fully dressed in front of a backdrop, but I think the fact that I put ‘em in these situations, I think it shows – if anything – my anger. I’ve always wanted the pictures to really kick people in the nuts and I think the best way of doing that is to not only expose them fully, but kind of fully expose myself as well. And, I should say that, during the ‘80s when I was doing this, there were times when I had sex as well as taking the pictures… and I’ve written about that. However, since starting again a couple years ago, I no longer do that. I’m only making the photographs.

Quite honestly, they show – oh god, should I say my integrity?! Yeah, that’s about it:  they show that I am who they are.”



Read the full interview here //

See Scot Sothern’s works currently available at Mindy Solomon Gallery //

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