Christopher Winter // ‘Telling Tales’ at Bridport Arts Centre in Dorset, England

Last weekend, Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Christopher Winter opened his newest exhibition, ‘Telling Tales,’ at Bridport Arts Centre in Dorset, England. During the evening, Winter performed a seance through his ‘Holbein Table’—which was created specifically for that purpose.

Christopher Winter // The Artist's Illusion (Abstract III) // 2013 // 140 x 140 cm // Acrylic on canvas

Christopher Winter // The Artist’s Illusion (Abstract III) // 2013 // 140 x 140 cm // Acrylic on canvas

Winter says of his seance performances: “The Spirit World has interested me for many years and thus has become part of my work, extending the research carried out by Victor Hugo in 1850s with his turning table method of contacting the spirits. In ‘Spook-a-rama’ (New York, 2010) I confronted my own fears and fascinations. Dr. Safwat, a famous Egyptian medium, channeled the spirit of Hans Holbein the Younger through me for the first time, using my ‘Holbein Table.’ This table is made out of marquetry and has the image of the strange but beautiful anamorphic skull from the painting ‘The Ambassadors’ by Holbein himself; it was built to be my portal to the spirit world. I was also invited to make a Picasso channelling at the museum exhibition of Pablo Picasso Zwischen Arena und Arkadien, Städtisches Museum, Albstadt Germany. This performance took place in front of 500 people at the opening event. I have subsequently made performances in Paris at La Pagode.”  Mindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to support this intriguing exhibition, on view in Bridport through May 10th.

View more Christopher Winter at Mindy Solomon Gallery //

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