Christopher Winter // Interviews + Reviews

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Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Christopher Winter was recently interviewed with Anna Erickson, his co-curator in the KIK exhibition and Director of Sales at Houser & Wirth NYC, by the Berlin Independent Guide Bpigs. The interview discusses KIK 2, which opened in Berlin earlier this month, as well as the future of the Berlin art scene:

The vision for the show was straightforward – display an eclectic collection of work comprised from pieces by artists living and working in Berlin. Curatorially speaking, Anna took a relatively hands off approach to her show, inviting artists to participate, but giving them full reign over the pieces they submitted. This allowed for the narrative of the show to be a genuine one, truly about the artists and their work, uninterrupted by a third party mediator.

Winter is also in a group show this month, “Aftershock: The Impact of Radical Art” at Edelman Arts, displaying his “Kinder Kid” paintings from the 1990s.

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