Jeremy Briddell // This Week on CFile

We are happy to share that Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Jeremy Briddell is featured in This Week on CFile.

Spotted | This Week’s Ceramics in Art: From Koons to Barceló
by Garth Clark, Chief Editor of

“Spotted is a week’s photographic survey of works worth noting that have crossed the paths and desks of the CFile Team recently. They are presented without comment but you might want contribute your perspective in our comments section. Choose the best work in this post. Click on the link included with each work and it will take you either to the artist, an article, the gallery, an art fair or somewhere else where the work was spotted. All works are either ceramic or ceramic and mixed media.”

Jeremy Briddell - Ceramics - Mindy Solomon Gallery

Also, don’t miss new works by Jeremy Briddell this weekend, November 6 – 9, at SOFA Chicago at Navy Pier in Mindy Solomon Gallery booth #203.

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