Osamu Kobayashi // Group Show in Brooklyn, NY // December 5-21

Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Osamu Kobayashi will be part of the ‘Triangles’ group exhibition December 5-21, curated by Melissa Staiger at Gallery Ventana 244 in Brooklyn, NY.
Gallery Ventana 244 // Brooklyn, NY December 5th – 21st 2014
Opening Night: Friday, December 5th, 6-9PM

The group exhibition features 17 artists whose ‘work incorporates triangles through various paint layers, through the lens, sown and performed. The ‘Triangles’ exhibition provides a contemporary interpretation and integration of the form.’

A catalogue with the artists’ work and additional essays by other renowned artists will be available on Amazon.com in a printed an electronic version with special pricing offered during the exhibition.

2014, Frog See Sea, oil on linen, 11 x 12

Osamu Kobayashi // Frog See Sea // 2014 // 11 x 12 inches // Oil on linen

Check out this video profile of Osamu:

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