Jeremy Chandler // New Works

Introducing new works by Jeremy Chandler.
Chandler is a photographic artist who oscillates between constructing narrative images and engaging ephemeral communities through prolonged portrait series.

Smokescreen For The Southern Summer, 2014 (1)

Jeremy Chandler // Smokescreen For The Southern Summer // 2014 // Archival pigment print

He is interested in how the landscape shapes individual notions of self as well as social dynamics between people.

Smokescreen For The Northern Winter, 2014 (1)

Jeremy Chandler // Smokescreen For The Northern Winter // 2014 // Archival pigment print

Smokescreen images are available in limited editions at various sizes, and together as diptychs (each 32 x 40 inches). Contact the gallery for details.


Jeremy Chandler // Untitled // 2014 // Archival pigment print

Chandler’s work questions traditional notions of masculinity, which are also often expressed through men’s relationships with the forest and with one another within this context.

More Jeremy Chandler at Mindy Solomon Gallery //

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