Forms of Fiction: The Work of Dominique Labauvie // Opening Reception Friday, February 27th 6-9pm

“I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.” -Le Corbusier


Dominique Labauvie // Downtown at Dawn // 2014 // 59 x 37 x 17 in // Forged steel

Mindy Solomon is thrilled to present the first Miami-based solo exhibition of work by French artist Dominique Labauvie February 27-April 3 at the gallery.

Dominique Labuavie’s sculpture is defined by an abstract calligraphy that tells a story within the space it occupies. The fictions are elaborated through form and line. His linear articulations become a three-dimensional narrative.


Dusk // 2014 // 65.5 x 37 x 12 in. // Forged steel

Labauvie states:
“My sculpture not only addresses the line as a record to ‘transport time into space,’ but it also manipulates the material nature of the steel. Steel is actually not natural but a man-made material, with the exception of the iron meteorite that falls from the cosmos onto earth. From the mineral to the industrial product, we can say that steel is a pure product of human inventiveness and work. As Valéry wrote in 1937, ‘What would we be without steel?'”


Gravité // 2015 // 77 x 64 x 23 in // Forged steel

Join us for an Opening Reception with the artist on Friday, February 27th,  from 6-9pm at the Gallery: 172 NW 24th St. in Wynwood.


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