Kate MacDowell // Banksy’s “Dismaland”

The unveiling of Banksy’s Dismaland has been making waves in the art world and beyond this past week. We are proud of and inspired by Mindy Solomon artist Kate MacDowell for her contributions to this enormous project, and as Christopher Jobson of Colossal says, “even if Banksy is not your cup of tea, there are more than a few reasons to check out Dismaland.”

“The event has all the hallmark details of a traditional Banksy event from its initial shroud of secrecy to artistic themes of apocalypse, anti-consumerism, and pointed social critiques on celebrity culture, immigration, and law enforcement. However, there’s one major deviation: the bulk of the artwork packed into three main interior galleries was created by dozens of other artists.”


whale-new disma-11 disma-4

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