Muir Vidler on

Muir Vidler was featured in an evocative spread on entitled “These Photos Aren’t Trying to Tell You Anything—That’s What Makes Them So Great.”


In the article Muir says: “I’m weary of any art form that tries to tell you something. I certainly never set out to say I want you to think this or this is what I’m trying to say. I just realized some personal projects had that theme after having done a couple. I like that theme and wanted to find new work with that theme in mind. I’m not trying to say anything with it. I like the idea of art in general raising more questions than giving answers, I like for people to ask what’s happening.”


Don’t miss “The Way We See It”
Works by Muir Vidler // On view October 23
8397 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138

>> See more Muir Vidler at Mindy Solomon Gallery <<

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