Wookjae Maeng // Cover Feature in Pasatiempo, Santa Fe

getimageGallery artists Wookjae MaengKate MacDowell, and John Byrd are featured in “Trophies and Prey,” an exhibition curated by Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio at Peters Projects in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“In late July, news broke of the death of Cecil the lion, a beloved thirteen-year-old lion killed by American dentist Walter Palmer on a bow-hunting  trip in Zimbabwe. Palmer’s safari—coupled with the controversy surrounding Idaho hunter Sabrina Cor­gatelli’s pictures of her kills from a South African trip, which she triumphantly posted on social media—has sparked widespread outrage, prompting many to question the value of big game and sport hunting. In light of this news, Peters Projects’ Trophies and Prey: A Contemporary Bestiary seems especially timely. Together, the show’s eleven artists—Jeremy Brooks, Undine Brod, John Byrd, Beth Cavener, Michelle Erickson, Alessandro Gallo, Jan Huling, Jeff Irwin, Wookjae Maeng, Kate McDowell, and Adelaide Paul—present an engaging survey of multimedia, animal­ themed artworks rife with suggestion and symbolism.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 12.46.28 PM

“The work of South Korean artist Wookjae Maeng perhaps most clearly adheres to the exhibition’s theme. Made of slick white ceramic, Big Horn Sheep is beautiful and commanding, frozen but ultimately unyielding. Its metallic eyes are narrowed in an icy stare, and its mouth is set in a blatantly disapproving grimace. It’s as dramatic and arresting as an ancient Greek bust—and made with the same painstaking, reverential attention to detail.”  -Pasatiempo



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