Mindy Solomon Gallery to host ScreenDance Miami // January 23rd @ 7 & 9 pm

SCREEN DANCE LOGOWe are thrilled to host an evening of this year’s ScreenDance Miami!  Watch the trailer here.

ScreenDance Miami is a Tigertail-produced festival that takes place the end of each January at various venues. It offers skill-developing workshops, panel discussions and screenings. ScreenDance Miami highlights national, international and Miami-based choreographers and filmmakers who are working with emerging and new concepts in regard to movement and dance on film and dance on camera. The festival was created to support professionals in this field and the development of dance created for the camera. ScreenDance Miami seeks to engage the public and bring to light this adventuresome form. For the second year in a row, Tigertail is partnering with the internationally acclaimed Cinedans of the Netherlands.


January 23, Mindy Solomon Gallery, 7:00 & 9:00pm (identical programs)

• TWITCH, 2015, 5 minutes, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Director Jules de Niverville, Choreographer Michael Watts
TWITCH is a five-minute experimental performance video incorporating contemporary dance, contortion and acrobatics. It chronicles the life-pulse of a creature in conflict, its stirrings, twitching, and convulsions, its agonizing missteps and battle with demons. It’s an ode to overcoming dark energies that lie within the embodiment of conflicting energy.

• Helena, 2015, 3:50, Los Angeles, CA
Director and Choreographer Nadav Heyman
Solo performance in the wake of a stream of consciousness. “Sleep is not democracy and it is not a mantra. It is neither plastic nor glass. It cannot break. It cannot burn. It cannot pollute. Sleep is salty and at times sweet.”

• When the Time Is Right, 2015, 5:58, Tallahassee, FL
Director Jennifer Petuch, Choreographers Jennifer Petuch and Ircamar Garcia
Reflecting nature we witness profound life-change through personal metamorphosis. When the Time Is Right captures the transformational moment of an individual breaking free from her past into something beautiful and passionate.

• Plow Plant Reap, 2015, 13:02, New York, NY
Director and Choreographer Marta Renzi
An all-female community comes together, joins in a baptism and a roundelay against a majestic landscape of rolling farmland. Shot at the historic Miller Farm and danced by eleven members of the Slippery Rock University dance department.

• Whitespace Bodyspace, 2014, 4:23, Miami, FL
Director and Choreographer Ariel Baron-Robbins
This is a site-specific piece developed for an art space called Whitespace in West Palm Beach. The filmmaker visited the site and made a series of body-interventions in the landscape.

• Migration, 2015, 5:50, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Director Marlene Millar, Choreographer Sandy Silva
On an island in the Saint Lawrence Seaway, preparation for a migratory journey is expressed through percussive movement and vocals set within an unusual natural landscape.

• A dia de hoy…, 2015, 6:45, Miami, FL
Director and Choreographer Niurca Marquez
This is a journey of the unfleshed mover and the moved, a picture of the echoes that remain in spaces long after we depart; evidence of lives lived in earnest.

• All Waters, 2015, 7:03, Miami, FL
Director and Choreographer Julien Valme
“I feel you… your abundant presence and never ending grace. It is only in the stillness that you are with me. It is only in the darkness that I see you in the deepest part of my heart. There I find you. Yet with eyes wide open I lose you.”

• On the Other Side of the Lake, 2015, 6:10, Hollywood, FL
Director and Choreographer Jenny Larsson
On the Other Side of the Lake is an experimental short film where the main character is the lake – a body of water that connects memories, emotions and experiences. The lake becomes a catalyst for communal storytelling as well as a physical journey into the water.

• Klasse, 2015, 9:04, Tallahassee, FL
Director Malia Bruker, Choreographer Hannah Schwadron
Klasse tracks back to Jewish Hamburg at the height of WWII as children escape one by one on the Kindertransport. The preserved classroom from 1938 emphasizes the haunting fixity of place, while a cast of German students reimagines the courageous spirit of children with uncertain futures, both then and now.

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