Opening Reception // Jennifer Lefort & Andrew Casto Saturday, March 11th

Join us for the Opening Reception of Jennifer Lefort‘s Whenever Forever and Andrew Casto‘s Revelatory Dérive. This will be the inaugural solo exhibition for both artists, and Andrew Casto will be in attendance at the opening.

Opening Reception, Saturday, March 11th from 6–9pm
Artist Andrew Casto in attendance

Exhibition on view through May 14th

Renowned Canadian painter and curator Leopold Plotek writes: “Jennifer Lefort’s canvases bring to mind the words of the distinguished poet Def Jef: ‘God made ’em funky!’ She is an artist whose work nearly grazes the form and spirit of popular media, and her colour would be inconceivable prior to the arrival of digital media or at the very least colour television. Saturated, electrified, her fields and often wiggy goings-on across them are finally pictorial, but not so much by things they represent (what are they, anyway?), as by pretending to creep, ooze, thump, pulse or pullulate; and all performed in rampant, chemical, often complementary hues. Her canvases present a striking contrast in luminosity and colour-temperature, and show how radically ground-colours can determine our perception of pictorial space.”

Jennifer Lefort // Without Conformity 2016, 84 x 60 inches, oil and spray paint on canvas

Jennifer Lefort // Without Conformity
2016, 84 x 60 inches, oil and spray paint on canvas

Of his own work, Andrew Casto says, “My current body of work involves an investigation into dialogues concerning extant negative forces in our lives, and to what degree the phenomenological ramifications of responsibilities and stress shape us physically, mentally, and emotionally. The formal language present in this analysis is based on a material study of erosion and geological processes translated into ceramic and mixed media objects. I seek a purposeful link between macrocosmic environmental change, and interruptions in our otherwise routine existence. Within this inquiry, alternative and diverse construction methods are emphasized as tools of fresh, genuine expression in the creation of dynamic assemblages of great fragility. The foundation of this exploration is a desire to uncover the sublime in these moments of incongruity; the rush of presence into experience that might otherwise remain banal and ordinary, brought on by perceived inconvenience. My work asserts that it is possible for our daily vexations to illuminate the power of the present moment–something we all too often fail to notice.”

Andrew Casto // Assemblage 80 2015, 5 x 7 x 11 inches, ceramic, luster

Andrew Casto // Assemblage 80
2015, 5 x 7 x 11 inches, ceramic, luster

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