Julian Lorber in Hyperallergic // Environmental Politics

Gallery artist Julian Lorber is half of the two-man exhibit “Second Nature” currently showing at Outlet Fine Art in Brooklyn, NY. The show addresses with subtlety an environmentalist agenda, detailed in an insightful review from Hyperallergic.

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“If Lorber’s approach to nature were likened to a method of scientific research, it would be the extraction of core samples from sediment, stone, and ice. His vibrant gradient paintings, whose textured surfaces resemble a canvas thick with layers of tape, evoke cross-sections of geological strata.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.42.04 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.42.45 AM


“This touch of black humor adds to the sense of alarm seething beneath the surfaces of Dorf and Lorber’s seductive works. Like toxic materials spilled into an thriving ecosystem, these two sculptures infect everything around them, crystallizing the exhibition’s environmental politics.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.42.52 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.42.57 AM copy

Forms of Fiction: Dominique Labauvie // Critic’s Pick in Art Circuits

Forms of Fiction, Dominique Labauvie‘s first Miami-based solo exhibition, opens at the gallery this Thursday, February 27th. Come see the forged steel sculptures Art Circuits Miami has named a Critic’s Pick: “elegant, interlocking geometries of line and form,” and meet the artist during the Opening Reception from 6-9pm.

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Labauvie ArtCircuits

James Kennedy // Artpulse Review

James Kennedy‘s second solo exhibition with Mindy Solomon Gallery, Morphosis, was written up in the January issue of Artpulse Magazine:

Conceptually, his work is evocative, aiming to express inner transformation through his contorted and faceless figures.  The result is a unique and intriguing imagery that levitates between meticulous precision and free expression.
-Irina Leyva-Perez

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James Kennedy // Morphosis

Osamu Kobayashi // Hometown News

Osamu Kobayashi made a news splash with the opening of his exhibition ‘Watch Paint’ in his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. We are pleased that this gallery artist is receiving such warm recognition.

First is an Arts & Lifestyle feature from Columbia’s weekly publication, Free Times, claiming Kobayashi as “talent beneath our noses.” The article points out that although “Kobayashi has shown heavily in New York and Europe” he has remained relatively unknown in his birthplace until now.


Osamu Kobayashi // Waterfall Congregation // 2011-2013 // 48 x 48 inches // oil on linen

“The art world seems ready for Kobayashi to stay awhile, and he clearly has the mindset to do so …. After walking through the small space, one is left expecting and wanting to see more.” Read the full article here //

Next is an interview with Osamu in Jasper Magazine – The Word on Columbia Art. Check out his responses to his career, growing up in South Carolina, and what to expect from his studio in 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 1.26.12 AM

J: Where, in your career arc, do you see yourself now?
K: I define my career by how much I hope to grow as an artist. In this respect, I am still at the beginning.

J: What brought you back to Columbia?
K: I see my painting largely as a by-product of my background. Having been born and raised here, Columbia has influenced my work in conscious and, I believe, subconscious ways. It’s a privilege to come back here and share that with everyone.

J: What up next?
K: I’m currently preparing for my group exhibitions at Ventanna244 Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and the MIndy Solomon Gallery’s booth at the Art Miami fair in Miami, FL. I’m also looking forward to my second solo exhibition with AplusB Contemporary Art in Italy next year.


Julian Lorber’s ‘Externalities’ // Handpicked for Rooms Magazine

Julian Lorber‘s evocative project ‘Externalities’ is featured in the sixteenth issue of Rooms Magazine. The project was inspired by “observing the visual effect of urban soot on architecture and interiors.” The four page feature includes stunning close up images of the project – below is a preview.Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 5.30.06 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 5.30.21 PM

Binary // Binario Named “January’s Hottest Shows” by Miami New Times

Our current exhibit Binary // Binario: Ernesto Garcia Sanchez & Jose Manuel Mesias was featured in the Miami New Times Cultist – Wynwood Art Walk Guide: Painting Rules at January’s Hottest Shows. Read on for a preview of the article, and if you missed Second Saturday this past weekend, you can see the work for yourself at the gallery through January 22nd.


Jose Manuel Mesias // Oziel and Javier or Javier ad Oziel

Gallery director Mindy Solomon is quoted as: “eager to see how President Obama’s recent lifting of restrictions with Cuba will result in ‘greater cultural exchange,’ and that both young artists represent the emerging talent of Havana’s contemporary scene while bringing a viewpoint that ‘embraces and transcends Cuban culture’ to her eponymous space.”


Ernesto Garcia Sanchez // Dyptich

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Jeremy Briddell // This Week on CFile

We are happy to share that Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Jeremy Briddell is featured in This Week on CFile.

Spotted | This Week’s Ceramics in Art: From Koons to Barceló
by Garth Clark, Chief Editor of www.cfileonline.org:

“Spotted is a week’s photographic survey of works worth noting that have crossed the paths and desks of the CFile Team recently. They are presented without comment but you might want contribute your perspective in our comments section. Choose the best work in this post. Click on the link included with each work and it will take you either to the artist, an article, the gallery, an art fair or somewhere else where the work was spotted. All works are either ceramic or ceramic and mixed media.”

Jeremy Briddell - Ceramics - Mindy Solomon Gallery

Also, don’t miss new works by Jeremy Briddell this weekend, November 6 – 9, at SOFA Chicago at Navy Pier in Mindy Solomon Gallery booth #203.