Gareth Mason Talk at SOFA Chicago

Mindy Solomon Gallery is presenting an impressive collection of contemporary sculpture created by Gareth Mason and David Hicks at this year’s SOFA Chicago art fair.

On Saturday, November 5 at 12:30—1:30PM in room 326 Gareth Mason will be presenting a dynamic talk and demonstration entitled, “Fire: Ceramics, Mystery and Creativity.” Gareth describes, “Fire is an essentially mysterious force; its allure as magnetic now as it was to the earliest human beings.” (Above, ‘Batholith’ detail).

Gareth Mason’s intimacy with fire affords him an acute perspective on that primordial power. Fire is the most taxing and rewarding of creative partners; replete with creative possibility, fickle, brutal and addictive, it can bless or bury the efforts of anyone who dares to meddle. Illustrated with images of his work and palette, Gareth Mason will discuss fire’s centrality to his practice, its potency to the human imagination, and the majesty of ceramic experience. (Above, Shadow Aghast).

We are looking forward and offering an exceptional grouping of Gareth Mason’s ceramic sculptures. Please contact the gallery for more information or view more of Gareth’s work here and experience the exclusive interview here. (Above, Terrain, Strata Series).