Gallery Schedule // 2013

December 22, 2012—February 2, 2013
Home for the Holidays
The de la Torre Brothers

January 24—27, 2013
The Metro Show NYC

January 12—February 23, 2013
Subversive Narratives: Exposing the Raw Side

February 14—18, 2013
Art Wynwood

March 7—10, 2013

February 9—March 30, 2013
Post Coital
Rebekah Bogard, Georgine IngoldMuir VidlerScot SothernChristina West, and Becky Flanders and Marta Soul courtesy of Kopeikin Gallery

April 10—14, 2013
Zona Maco Contemporary Art Fair

April 6—May 11, 2013
Solo Exhibition: Sylvia Hommert

May 25—June 29, 2013
Material Inspiration:
Gareth Mason 

June 10—16, 2013
Scope Basel 2013

June 30—July 13, 2013
Gallery Closed for Holiday

July 20—September 14, 2013
The Paintings of Erin Parish 

September 24—October 2, 2013
Collectors’ Trip to Korea with Mindy Solomon

October 10—13, 2013
Texas Contemporary Art Fair

October 31—November 3, 2013
SOFA Chicago

October 16—November 16, 2013
Renaissance Men:
A Solo Exhibition by Generic Art Solutions

December 3—8, 2013
Art Miami

November 21—December 16, 2013
Southern Fried:
John ByrdJeremy ChandlerJeremiah Jenkins

December 19, 2013—January 25, 2014
Kang Hyo LeeMinkyu Lee, Sung-Jae ChoiRee Soo-Jong,
HunChung LeeWookjae MaengSungyee Kim

Detailed Information Save the Date Saturday, May 26

The exhibition “Detailed Information” showcases a group of artists whose work is minutely crafted to exacting detail, rich with narrative content. The works in this show invite multiple viewings in order to capture important visual components that serve to decode the artist’s perspective. Implicit to this group of artist is their mastery of techniques-whether it is old master, or the application of new technologies. Each artist uses their significant knowledge to impart a comprehensive visual story.

Detailed Information opens Saturday, May 26 from 6—8PM and features: John ByrdKate MacDowellMarc BurckhardtWookjae Maeng, Christopher Torrez and Carrie Anne Baade. Save the date and we will see you soon.

John Byrd’s New Sculpture

Tampa, Florida based sculptor John Byrd recently completed a year long commission simply named, “Untitled (Bobcat).” This 16x18x13 inch hand-built porcelain piece also features a taxidermy inset, visible from behind the piece. John Byrd is also featured in our next group show, “Detailed Information,” opening on Saturday, May 26 and continuing through July 7, 2012.

You can view more of John Byrd’s extensive portfolio here, and additional gallery samples here. Please contact the gallery for additional information.

Artist John Byrd featured in Oxford American

Fine artist and sculptor John Byrd will be featured in the March issue of Oxford American in an article titled, “100 Under 100: The New Superstars of Southern Art.” We have known since we opened that John Byrd is an inventive perfectionist who posses an innate ability for a sharp eye for detail.

100 Under 100: The New Superstars of Southern Art

Out of overwhelming curiosity, we wanted to discover the most talented and thrilling up-and-coming artists in the South. So we enlisted a range of Southern experts (gallery owners, curators, critics, artists) to help us find them. (Read more here).

38, Tampa, Florida

John Byrd works in the extremely difficult medium of high-fire porcelain—painstakingly carving amalgamated animal forms reminiscent of his North Carolina roots. He studies anatomical drawings to articulate muscular shape, then creates—or scours the Internet for—the perfect taxidermy element to interrupt the high-brow porcelain form. This process is a metaphor for his identity as a Southern artist thrust into the contemporary fine-art world while working with a material often associated with European royalty. He is constantly redefining his Southern cultural identity through his art.

Mindy Solomon, Owner, Mindy Solomon Gallery