SCOPE NY Art Fair Booth

We are at SCOPE New York this week and presenting the dynamic works of the de la Torre BrothersGeneric Art SolutionsMarc BurckhardtBonnie Marie Smith, Kurt Weiser, Sunkoo Yuh and James Kennedy.

The Mindy Solomon Gallery works hard to present thought-provoking, high-quality contemporary art works by emerging talent representing the best in sculptural forms, photography, painting and mixed media. (Learn more about G.A.S., James Kennedy, Kurt Weiser, Marc Burckhardt, the de la Torre Brothers).

Booth No. A11 will be on exhibit at SCOPE NY through Sunday, March 11. If you should need entry passes, please contact me or the gallery.

Back home, Meditative Journeys, presenting Korean painter Sungyee Kim and sculptor Kang Hyo Lee is open and on exhibit through March 31. See opening photos here.

Meditative Journeys is now OPEN

Meditative Journeys opened last night to a receptive crowd featuring painter Sungyee Kim and sculptor Kang Hyo Lee from Korea. An impressive selection of Korean contemporary presenting close to 100 pieces and is now OPEN for you. Stop by the gallery or contact us for more information.

Meditative Journeys—Korean Paintings and Sculptural Forms

Mindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to present the devotional works of two Korean artists, painter—Sungyee Kim and ceramic artist—Kang Hyo Lee in a two person exhibition entitled, Meditative Journeys. Please join us for the opening reception Saturday, February 25, 2012, 6—8PM.

Sungyee Kim creates densely layered paintings that incorporate the principles of I Ching with the Taoistic pursuit of becoming one with material. Sungyee shares, “A painting’s artificial, two-dimensional surface requires pure belief in spiritual values. It opens a door to the ideal.“

Kang Hyo Lee’s ceramic work infuses ancient tradition with whimsical and contemporary interpretation. Bun-cheong was created during the Koryo Dynasty (918-1392AD) and was commonly used by the aristocracy and commoners of Korea. The decorative style of Bun-cheong was created by stamping patterns or etching into the surface of the unfired clay and then covered with a white slip. The slip was either dipped in a tray or hand painted in a rough, hurried fashion with no consideration for precise detail. (Read more here).

Lee Kang Hyo’s New Works

Korean artist, Lee Kang Hyo will be presenting a large collection of Bun-cheong ceramics in “Meditative Journeys.” The Bun-cheong style of ceramic making is an ancient tradition characterized by a loose and informal application of white clay used by Korean commoners and royalty back in the day—918-1392AD.

We have recently posted 54 new masterful works by Kang Hyo Lee in preparation for his wonderful exhibition, also featuring Sungyee Kim. Please visit Kang Hyo Lee’s recent collection. If you have any questions or acquire for your collection please contact the gallery. “Meditative Journeys” on exhibit February 25 through March 31, 2012.